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FAQ - Radio-Produkts

Why do many wireless products not work up to the listed signal distance, what reduces the signal distance?

The sensitivity of the wireless receive can be impaired by electronic devices like computers, monitors, printers, scanners, modems, HiFi devices etc that are set up in its vicinity. The broadcaster and receiver should also not be set up with a reinforced steel concrete wall between them. Even simple walls reduce the signal distance, however. The signal distances that we claim are hence for clear path.

The FZ433 and HBT144 are not reacting as expected. What can I do?

The FZ433 and HBT144 timer feature a built-in battery for buffering during a power failure. This battery must be charged for at least half an hour by inserting the timer into a power outlet before the first use (or after a long period of storage). Afterward press the RESET button on the back of the device. This erases all saved data and the program sequence will restart. The clock starts running at 0:00 and must now be adjusted.

How does the HS433 remote control’s channel assignment function in the FZ433?

The channel assignment functions only if the FZ433 is plugged into a 230V power outlet. Hold down the buttons SET/MODE and RND at the same time while holding the ON button of a channel (e.g. CH 1 ON) on the remote control. The display for the remote control’s receiver will light up to indicate that the timer has automatically “learned” the selected channel.