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FAQ - Other questions

Are replacement feet available for BAT® ladders?

Yes, you can order replacement feed for most BAT® ladders through our sales force.

What is the difference between volts and amperes?

Volt is a measurement unit for pressure, i.e. 230V; ampere is for electricity, i.e. 16A. To calculate strength in watt, the pressure is multiplied by the current. Example: The following is written on a device: 230V; max 5 amp. 230V x 5A produces 1150W." This means that the device consumes maximally 1150 watt hours per hour or 1.15 kWh. On the other have, a halogen radiator with 500 watts of power has a power consumption of "500W divided by 230V = 2.174 A" (230V x 2,174A =500W)"

What can I spray with BAT® spray nozzles?

All paints and varnishes that do not include abrasive pigments. Latex wall points for example usually contain finely abraded rock dust, while rust-proof paint can have metal dust. This rock or metal dust has a highly abrasive effect and destroys the fitting accuracy of the pump's pistons and cylinders. This lowers the spray pressure and the spray quality along with it.

What is the load capacity of cable thicknesses 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 4?

Generally speaking 16 amps at 230V, presuming adherence to the permissible total lengths, i.e. for all of our cable reels and extension cords. 1.0mm² 16 amps only up to a length of 2m. At 400V, our products can handle load capacities up to 32 amps. at 4mm².

How high are shipping costs (does not apply to remainder items)?

Shipping costs are based on weight and distance. For orientation: We calculate packages being sent within German and weighing under 30 kg as costing